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EP Review: Jackie Onassis – Juliette EP

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‘Risen from the dead!?’ you may first think when you see the name ‘Jackie Onassis’ appear in its modern day context, for since 2012 it has not only been applied to the wife of former United States president John F. Kennedy, but also the Australian based hip-hop duo.

jackie onassis julietteFor those uninitiated, the band Jackie Onassis is comprised of vocalist Kai Tan and producer Ralph Dixon, who first met in high school and later reunited at Sydney University where they decided to combine their musical talents into the project you see today. Blending their love of hip-hop and the better side of pop to create something that feels contemporary and fresh, the duo are about to unleash their Juliette EP, the follow up to their 2012 EP, Holiday.

With their musical soundscapes ranging from the chilled to the chart favourites, Tan and Dixon have something that would appeal to both hip-hop die hards and the more casual music fan here. EP opener Said and Done – despite feeling more like an album closer than the place to start – is a loosely woven track with the resolute message of claiming their slice of the musical pie, whilst the euphoric summer anthem Special Occasion flips it 180º with its upbeat grooves and simplistic, sing-a-long chorus. The title track itself twins a frantic drumbeat with the poppier sentimentalities of Drake – as does the thudding bassline of Lean Octavia Lean – whilst Back Home Again features Solo of Horrorshow fellow Aussie hip-hop duo and 1Day Crew members, Horrorshow.

However, it is the lullaby piano of Not Enough combined with the storytelling of Tan that creates a song that is proves to be both poised and mature, with the entire EP foreshadowing an immensely strong album when it finally appears. One thing is for sure, with song after song as strong as the ones that make up the Juliette EP, Jackie Onassis will be in it for the long haul.