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Single Review: Neon Jungle – ‘Braveheart’

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Step aside Little Mix, the UK’s newest girl group Neon Jungle is back with their latest song Braveheart. After a successful debut with the hit song Trouble peaking at #12 on the UK charts and #4 on the Scottish charts, the girls bring their bad-ass attitudes continue to shine through their second debut single.

Neon Jungle BraveheartForming in February last year, the group consisting of Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy, Jess Plummer and Asami Zdrenka have been busy working on their first album. Anticipated to be released after Braveheart, many fans are gearing up for Neon Jungle’s debut.

Braveheart is a beast of a track. Including an infectious beat and an even catchier chorus, it seems like the girls mean business. Unlike other girl groups that seem to be stuck in a 90’s phase of matching dance moves and outfits, Neon Jungle’s music bring in a more modern tone.

The girl’s in-your-face personalities are the selling point of the group and in Braveheart we get more of a taste of each member. As the song is a mix of rapping and singing, the group’s diversity is shown off a lot more than their other song Trouble. The girl’s have got some beautiful voices that fit in perfectly with each other.

There seems to be a lot of potential in Neon Jungle, but with the amount of groups coming out of the UK, only time will tell whether the group will be a big hit or a giant flop.