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EP Review: In The Valley Below – ‘Peaches’

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In The Valley Below is the latest in the line of Los Angeles based rock outfits to descend on the music scene over these past few years and you would be forgiven for being slightly unaware of their approach but less forgiven for thinking they are just another rock outfit from the streets of Hollywood. In fact, the pairing of Jeffrey Jacob & Angela Gail is rather remarkable – Jeffrey was raised in Memphis while Angela took to a life at sea on a small boat in the West Indies. That brief back-story alone lends an inviting appeal to the duos’ musical partnership.

inthevalleybelowpeachesWith a highly anticipated support slot beginning in October, supporting White Lies on their tour throughout various cities in North America, the time is rather fitting for In The Valley Below of unleash their brand new EP, Peaches. Led by the EP’s title track, the four track collection offered to us by the pair has been crafted to perfection.

Appropriately, Peaches cracks the lid on the EP and is the obvious selling point here with its mid-tempo outpour of rustic guitars and the duos exquisite vocals sharing the lead limelight on the tracks verses before a heavily harmonized chorus provides the track with its rich, finely crafted hook; Angela’s vocals appear to be channeling Lana Del Rey through her sultry and slightly smoky tones.

Other highlights on the EP include the hair-metal fueled Dove, a nod to the eighties perhaps as the slow pace of the track and its tightly produced electro spine swirls around the duos gorgeously draped vocals and the inclusions charming melody. This one is a favorite for us on the Peaches EP and really puts the band’s music versatility on full display as they effortlessly blend a myriad of genres to create something that has both modern and retro qualities dotted throughout.

Neverminders is another notable here which finds the band dipping their toes into a much more indie-punk pool, bouncing playfully around an up-tempo hit full of hooks and catchy electronic beats.

A combination of the duos eloquent and emotive vocal arrangements and the backbone of synths guides the EP into mainstream waters and opens the door to big things for In The Valley Below in 2013.

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