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Single Review: Drake – ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’

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Drake’s latest single Hold On We’re Going Home is definitely a track you’ll be humming, unaware, all day. Once you’ve heard this song a few times it’s hard to forget the smooth vocals and relaxed rhythm. Its old school beat and fusion of sounds will make you want to listen to it again and again. Although most of the song’s lyrics are repeated throughout, listening to them only adds to the chilled feel of this song. It’s undoubtedly pop but with a somewhat sophisticated undertone. Be ready to have this track on repeat; Catchy indeed!

Drake Hold OnWe're Going HomeHold On We’re Going Home has stirred up quite an interest due to the singers vocals on this track. Drake’s previous work has been known to have a very distinct auto-tuned sound to it. You can’t say the same for this new single. In the past Drake has been criticized for his vocals, or perhaps, lack of them. Although the song isn’t vocally challenging, we can clearly hear his singing and vocal capability. The smooth tone of his voice is what adds the final touches to the overall feel of the song. The vocals are on point and not a vocoder to be heard, well maybe a little. But hey, he’s in good company there!

Drake’s previous collaboration with global phenomenon Rihanna made a huge splash in the charts and received much recognition. Will Drake’s latest single Hold On We’re Going Home be able to have the same amount of success?