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Single Review: Enter Shikari – ‘Quelle Surprise’

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Raucous St Albans post-hardcore rockers Enter Shikari have decided to unleash on their fans a surprise release in the form of the tight new stand alone single, Quelle Surprise.

EnterShikariQuelleThe track doesn’t go as far as promoting or even suggesting an upcoming third album release for the collective, however it will no doubt find a place within its track listing, perhaps as a bonus track. Instead it is being marketed as a generous gift to the bands many followers.

With Mike Fraser at the mixers desk (Billy Clyro, Metallica, and AC/DC being amongst his most prolific of past collaborations), the band deliver a tight and power driven track of boundary pushing metal-core.

Starting out with a light dose of synths and a grime laden, hip hop intro before the number takes off at rocket speed through a merging of metal heavy, angst laden vocals, Quelle Surprise shows the band experimenting with a range of styles and genres as well as showing off their tightness to deliver one of the best tracks the band have released to date.