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Album Review: Daniel Powter – Turn On The Lights

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This week saw the release of the long awaited new album from Canadian singer songwriter Daniel Powter. It’s been a few years since we have been presented with anything new from the Bad Day hit maker but our patience has finally been rewarded with what is without doubt the musicians most profound and well crafted work to date.

Turn On The Lights sees the musician back on his radiant top form with a collection of new pennings to tease the delights of pop fans the world over and showcases a star shining brighter than ever before.

DanielPowterTurnOnTheLightsOpening the record with lead single Cupid we are offered a fresh pop tune with a refreshing summer drenched feel to it. Dripping with sentimental charm the track builds to a flowing, catchy chorus and shows off pop at its absolute best.  Its definitely a track made for the sunshine months with its relaxed tempo and acoustic sweetness.

As a drum beats rolls us into The Day We Never Met Powter presents a witty track telling about possible missed opportunities with Mr or Miss Right. The track is optimistically witty and an clear highlight on the new record with its infectious melody and Powter’s faultless vocals pacing delicately through the early hit.

With such a flawless collection of hits there has to be one that doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Bursting with tack and cheese we are dished up with Birthday Suits. The track is fun and bubblegum pop but could have been left off the record unnoticed and left the rest of the tracks to do the work here.

Taking on a semi-disco feel Crazy All My Life pulls together elements of Maroon 5 and Powter’s earlier material with some subtle hints of Boney M for the tracks more dance orientated gems.

Other highlights on the record come in the form of the momentous and passionately delivered Come Back Home with its inviting guitar driven rhythm that propels from its gentle opening to a powerful and instrumentally robust chorus while the vulnerable Best Of Me places Powter’s vocals into the spotlight, showing off his beautiful textures and impressive range.

If anyone thinks the flame that is Daniel Powter is long extinguished they have another thing coming. Things may have been rocky for the once bad boy of Canadian pop but Powter is back on top form and ready to take on the world of international acclaim with a force that I’m sure critics and fans alike weren’t quite expecting. Vocally he is at his best and the songs we are offered on Turn On The Lights really capture the essence of a pop star back for a second dose of commercial and critical acclaim and from the track-listing that forms the new record – that is rightfully deserved.

Many may judge Powter too harshly and label the musician as a one-hit wonder but the man behind one of the biggest pop tracks of the last decade is back and that label is set to change with this fantastic climb back up from the musical depths.

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