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Album Review: Newton Faulkner – Write It On Your Skin

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Newton Faulkner is without doubt one of the most unique musical artists to emerge in recent years. Everything from his distinctive and sweet coated vocals through to his seemingly effortless guitar skills drips with originality and there is no better evidence than him records to showcase that. His first record, Hand Built By Robots, struck a chord with an acoustic pop loving nation and his abilities were unmatched as he showed a brand new way of playing guitar on a patchwork of lyrical genius. That debut album unleashed a number of hit singles including Gone In The MorningAll I Got and his signature smash, Dream Catch Me. The country immediately took notice of this new ginger dreaded wonder as he shot straight to the top of the charts.

NewtonFaulknerWriteItOnYourSkinThe singer-songwriters follow up, Rebuilt By Humans, failed to get as much radio play as its predecessor however still managed a Top 5 place in the album charts continuing Faulkner’s appeal and success story throughout the UK and abroad.

A couple of years after the release of his sophomore album and we are offered album number 3. The star seems to be shining particularly strong once again for Newton Faulkner as immediately upon release the record was nestled comfortably in the top spot following the success of the records first single, Clouds. Now, albums land in the top spot all the time. There has to be a number one, right? The top spot doesn’t always mean a record is any good. So, is Newton Faulkner’s third effort any good? You bet your arse it is!

Opening with Pulling Teeth we are presented with a quick paced pop track laced with various playground sounds and Faulkner hitting some impressive peaks in the tracks infectious chorus. The opener is definitely one of the more bubblegum pop orientated numbers that we have heard from the musician throughout his three album catalogue. Soon takes us back to Faulkner’s roots as the stripped back follower takes the reigns of Write It On Your Skin and unfolds into a sweet and instrumentally minimalistic gem.

Brick By Brick has recently been confirmed as the records second single and proves to be a perfect choice to follow the albums first hit single release. Starting off as a mid-tempo number the track picks up in the chorus coming complete with a radio friendly quality to enable the star to have a successful single follow up to Clouds which we are offered next on the record. Already considered a classic Faulkner recording, the track is one of the best single releases of the singers career to date. Dripped in lyrical optimism and a catchy melody that gets stuck in your head from the very first note the single is the perfect summer pop nugget. Everything from the beautifully harmonized verses through to the hook heavy chorus and subtle strings that fill in the backdrop of the track the number is the highlight to Write It On Your Skin.

Further into the record another highlight presents itself in the form of the albums title track. Spoken word verses build up into a guitar driven chorus and some gentle guitar picking while violins play underneath a stunning patchwork of guitars on the closing Sugar In The Snow as Faulkner’s flawless vocals ring out with pure conviction as they bounce around a gentle melody with some truly stunning, haunting background wailing giving us the musical cheery to a flawless, uncluttered new collection to add to an already hit bursting repertoire.

Write It On Your Skin is a versatile new record for Faulkner, showcasing once again a musician who has grown through releases and continues to provide his fans and music lovers alike with some of acoustic pops most loveable releases.

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