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Single Review: Ciara featuring Ludacris – ‘Ride’

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Probably more critically acclaimed for her dance moves than vocal ability, Ciara’s latest single, Ride is a smooth and dirty R&B slow jam for the diva who joins forces with hip hop favorite Lucacris.

CiaraRideOpening with an almost satanic slow motion intro, Ride jumps right in the ring with a track detailing pretty much every sexual ability Ciara has to offer. Gone are the days of being subtle, Ciara lays it all out on the table in graphic detail. Ludacris, who has probably thought all his Christmases had come at once, gives the best rappers in the industry a good run for their money with his quickly delivered rap stylings.

Unfortunately for Ciara the video for the track has been given a blacklisting due to the sexual nature of the song and the provocative images which include the leading lady seductively riding a mechanical bull. Though exposure of the track has been limited we can only hope it ends up following in the footsteps of Madonna’s Justify My Love, who also had the same reception, however turned the song into a piece of hyped forbidden fruit.

The song is very direct and lyrically graphic so I can’t really see it doing wonders as a radio-friendly track without first being victim to a musical autopsy and this is a shame because Ride is a fantastic single for the singer who is more used to career doubts and comparisons than anything else.