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Single Review: Brookes Brothers – ‘Beautiful’/’Souvenir’

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Brookes Brothers return this month with a feisty follow up to previous single Last Night/War Cry and in preparation of the duo’s eagerly anticipated debut drum & bass record, The BBK Clan.

BrookesBrothersBeautifulSouvenirDouble A-side single Beautiful/Souvenir is a tightly spun splashing of drum & bass meeting electro-pop commercialism in all its glory. A substantially fairer offering than the acts previous single which lacked both appeal and credibility, the lads latest offering successfully covers up the cracks made by its lacklustre predecessor.

Beginning with Beautiful, the duo combine gleaming twists of electronica with europop-meets-Seal styled vocal loops courtesy of vocalist Robert Owens and some meaty beats that illuminate the duos roots in the ‘not to everyone’s taste’ drum bass arena.

The hypnotic Souvenir follows and is quick to pick up where Beautiful left off offering a fluffier, synth laden number that compliments its quick delivered beats held within a mid tempo synth backbone of trance.

Both tracks tick all the boxes for a quality drum & bass single release and though the genre is a hit and miss with most of the population and one that is somewhat an acquired musical taste, both Beautiful and Souvenir offer a worthwhile and pleasing kick for your pound.