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Single Review: Black Circles – ‘Final Straw’

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Kent based indie-rock trip Black Circles unleashed their debut single, Little Girl, at the end of last year and the track seemed to generate a bit of buzz around what was set to be one of the upcoming bands for 2011. Their abrasive and driving melodies gave us reason to believe that the UK was riding high in the indie stakes and that we had just discovered something rather special with global appeal.

BlackCirclesFinalStrawThe band are preparing for the release of their sophomore single ahead of their debut album which hits shelves later this year and unfortunately the follow up number dwindles the acts initial reputation as an act on the mainstream radar as second single, Final Straw, proves to be an unsympathetic and mediocre release for the threesome.

The track is built around a repetitious guitar riff that, although appears to be quite a driving force in the song, gradually begins to grate after the first verse. Welcoming a bass riff into the second verse the song starts to pick itself up but not enough to become anything more than ‘just another indie song’ to act as a radio wave filler.

Lyrically the track shows itself to be nothing more than an attempt to reignite cheesy eighties rock anthems with a lacklustre performance that doesn’t quite cut it.

We have no doubt that Black Circles have what it takes to reign in the mainstream but they are going to have to do a lot better than Final Straw if we are to be entirely convinced.