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Single Review: Angel – ‘Wonderful’

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Angel first hit the mainstream big time in March with the out-of-the-blue hit single, Go In, Go Hard with grime heavyweight, Wretch 32. It may have been the musicians first dip into commercial single success but the artist who hails from West London’s Shepherds Bush had all the pieces in place in the lead up to his commercial unveiling and part of that was a EP titled 7 Minutes Before Time released in 2011 which featured some of grimes most recent, influential acts including Wiley, Cleo Sol and Wretch 32.

AngelWonderfulAhead of the release of Angels debut full length record we are presented this week with his brand new single, Wonderful.

Wonderful is a superb single release for Angel and the track showcases one of the country’s latest acts quickly gaining momentum among the UK’s finest homegrown talent. Some overlapping vocal echoes, though brief, compliment the single as the star offers us one of the best tracks to be released to date this year.

Adding a rock edge to the track with help from a churning guitar riff playing throughout the verses the single highlights Angel’s musical diversity and ability to stay clear of any pigeon holes that may limit his audience and success which is a further appeal to this track and one that will help make it a hit and gain the singer a wider following. Lyrically optimistic and vocally strong we think Wonderful is just the ticket Angel needs to win over the UK singles charts where the track has already achieved Top 20 status.