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Single Review: Alistair Griffin – ‘Just Drive’

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Back in 2003 when singing reality shows were still fresh and unpredictable, Fame Academy was the one to watch. Pre-X Factor, the show spawned some fairly respectable artists including UK urban smoothie Lemar and Alex Parks.

Alistair Griffin was one of the contestants who made it to the final two of the second season of the show (beaten to the top spot by Parks) and had a reasonably successful songwriting and recording career following his appearance on the show scoring a couple of top 20 hits and a top 20 album release for Bring It On in 2004. The spotlight soon faded for Griffin but the singer/songwriter is back with us this month as Monday sees the release of Just Drive, the first single to be taken from the musicians upcoming EP release and the first new work from Griffin since his 2004 debut.

Opening with a gentle guitar picking Griffins smooth, pop friendly vocals take the track by the horns and ride it into a power pop ballad of hooks and syrupy melodies. With a voice quite reminiscent of Take That’s Gary Barlow, particularly within the verses falsetto peaks, Just Drive is a power driven anthem and a fantastic comeback single for Griffin.

Its memorable and sentimental chorus sets it apart from the bulk of power ballads currently on radio rotation and is set to secure the singer with a position worthy addition to the UK charts.