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Album Review: Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

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Dananananaykroyd return this month with their brand spanking new record There Is A Way and the sextet of fight pop provide us with a sturdy follow up to the collectives 2009 debut release, Hey Everyone!

Hailing from Glasgow Dananananaykroyd felt the warmth of the limelight after the band received positive critical reception for their introductory effort and have since become a regular on the gigging circuit as well as familiar faces at many of the UK’s biggest festivals over the past three years.

DanananaykroydThereIsAWayA musical collision of energetic vocals and intricate instrumentation is what the bands new collection of eleven tracks is all about and in the hour long record they seem quite capable of making the lasting impression generated from their debut stretch well past being regarded as one hit wonders.

With the bands rebellious approach to indie we are presented with an ambitious collection of uptempo, angst laden pennings from a band that has, in its short time together, gained quite a large cult following.

The haunting strum of a guitar begins the journey into the bands new record with opening track Reboot which proves a very early highlight. With an extensive instrumental intro the track peaks in the centre with some quick delivered vocals full of energy and dynamism. The track sits well at the beginning of the record but as more of a display of the bands instrumental talents than anything else.

Party cheers and some clangy guitar work set the mood for the following All Us Authors and the track incorporates some vigorous drum rolls around vocalists Calum Gunn and John Baillie Jnr’s trading of the front man role.

Further down the record Apostrophe sees the band taking a more melodic approach with the records most mainstream worthy number. Echoed vocals are tied in amongst the bands tight structure of beefy drums and whirling guitars.

Nearing the close of the record we hit a slight dip with Glee Sells Trade which offers a track lacking a memorable quality but also a musical structure that’s near impossible to follow. The track ends abruptly and leaves us feeling both confused and bewildered at its inclusion on the record. Thankfully we are lifted back up with the album closer, Make A Fist, another of the records key moments that leaves us elated with its radio friendly structure of guitar riffs colliding with the bands ambitious vocal delivery.

Recorded in the States the band also appointed top American music producer Ross Robinson into the producers chair. Having discovered and worked with a myriad of top selling alternative acts including Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Korn, Robinson has worked his expertise and magic on There Is A Way and helped create a record for Dananananaykroyd that is both fresh and unpredictable but also fitting and complimentary to the bands debut.