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Single Review: Alex Clare – ‘Too Close’

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As a new generation of English singer-songwriters decends on London’s commercial music scene there is one that seems to have been destined for big things and he goes by the name of Alex Clare. Some may already be familiar with the London musician who released his debut record The Lateness Of The Hour back in July 2011.

AlexClareTooCloseToo Close is the name of Clare’s latest single release and everyone will know the track we are talking about here as it is heard on heavy TV rotation as the soundtrack to the latest Internet Explorer 9 commercial. Too Close is a meaty track that combines a powerful rhythm and collision of genre blending while Clare’s vocals ring out in an almost belted fashion during the course of the singles four minute duration.

Originally released as the singers second single 12 months ago, the advert for the new Internet Explorer gained Clare enough attention for the single to jet itself into the UK Top 5 and recieve more thorough and worthy promotion both of which have helped Clare become a recognizable figure within the UK’s up and coming artists. The Germans also seem rather fond of the track as it hit the top spot within the German charts as well as proving popular in the States where it found a place within the US Billboard rankings.

There is no denying that Alex Clare is a star on the rise and one that we here at Renowned For Sound are expecting to see and hear a lot more of over the months ahead.