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Album Review: Ty Dolla Sign – Beach House 3

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Photo: Jory Lee Cordy / Warner Music Australia

Usually known as a difficult second album, Ty Dolla Sign has released his. At a glance, there was likely a lot of difficulty here, no one can pull together 20 tracks with massive features easily, but did his hard work paid off? To put it shortly: yes it did. Beach House 3 might only be the second of Dolla Sign’s studio albums, but fans will know this is the third in his own Beach House series.

With a jarring in the best way start, Beach House 3 opens with Famous. Starting with mellow acoustic guitar is not what I expected here, but it works incredibly well. Maybe it’s not representative of the rest of the album, but considering it’s part of a series of mixtapes, it shouldn’t necessarily be that. Whilst this track could almost be a bit Ed Sheeran, it really does showcase Dolla Sign’s versatility. He sets the tone here though, discussing how society truly idolises fame, iterating everything that goes up must come down.

There’s a huge amount of collaborations, Ex with YG is a brilliant crossover party, soulful RnB track. Possibly the most surprising is the feature of Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui on In Your Phone, showcasing what she’s capable of more than Ty himself. It’s a bit of a banger, Fifth Harmony members always kill a collab. Producer Skrillex appears, as do Pharrell Williams, Wiz Khalifa and Future, amongst an almost endless list of others.

With an album so long and featuring so many, there’s something for everyone, fans old and new, in Beach House 3. It’s quite the triumph and quite the array of sounds, feels and artists in one, it definitely is both an album and a mixtape, make sure to give it a listen.