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Album Review: Stereophonics – Scream Above The Sounds

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Photo: Andrew Whitton / Atlantic Records

Emerging into the mainstream UK rock scene during the 1990’s, Stereophonics have produced a succession of powerful rock anthems that have stood the test of time with British and international music fans alike. With the strength of lead singer Kelly Jones’ vocal range (not too dissimilar to some of his fellow Welsh counterparts), and a wonderful songwriting ability, Stereophonics not only became one of a fresh new breed of bands to come out of Britain during the early years, but have remained fan favourites for the consistently high standard of material that they continue to write. Almost two decades on here in 2017, Scream Above The Sounds is shows no sign of the band slowing their momentum any time soon.

All In One Night is the first track on this record that we had heard after its single release some time ago, which is distinctive in how different we found it in comparison to much of their earlier material, with a creative directional shift to a slower, and slightly more electronic based sound. The light strings that kick in over the chorus section compliment the brilliant vocals of Jones, and allows his voice to really standout on this one. Songs like What’s All The Fuss About? and Would You Believe? feel a little experimental in how they were written, but still retain that full and very considered sound that Stereophonics have totally made their own over the years.

Scream Above The Sounds is a fresh, more contemporary take on a rock album from a band that we have grown so accustomed to playing more ‘traditional’ rock music. This particular new release by these guys, feels a little bit like being reunited with an old friend, and you realise that you have a lot of catching up to do! The sounds of this record simply put, are a reminder of the quality of Stereophonics as a band, and how the maturity they have reached after playing for so long really shines through.