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Album Review: Susan Boyle – A Wonderful World

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If there is even a sparse doubt in one’s mind of the true bliss in Susan Boyle’s voice, an instant listening to the British singer’s take on Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World will weaken the knees with a sharp focus and justly acceptance. The world renowned vocal icon has softly presented her seventh album in seven years – a calmingly textured and family focused collection of renditions both classic and contemporary

SB_DIGITAL.inddA Wonderful World magnifies easy going classical interpretations of her most favourite and respected influences. This takes the form of Madonna’s Like a Prayer or the heavenly concerted virtual duet with the inimitable Nat King Cole in When I Fall In Love. Proper string sections and orchestral grandeur transmit a warming traditionalism, delicate and restful. Boyle’s mezzo-soprano vocals need no further introduction and seemingly stimulate with immeasurable emotional value. Surprising once again and stepping away from tradition, Boyle’s interest is soon transferred into modern territory with an indulgence into Robbie William’s Angels – functioning as a harmonic endowment of proper motility and satiny tenderness. Each track has in one way or another shaped a certain time period. Utilising the influential force of this, a deeper and fuller connection is bridged by Boyle’s tremendous vocal possibility. No better track perhaps achieves this than the beautifully revealing version of Leigh Harline and Ned Washington’s 1940 masterpiece – When You Wish upon a Star. Vertiginous vocal comforts and angelic moods both rich and courteous reveal underneath a thick orchestral layering, sweet and refined – easing the record to a respectable and fine tuned completion.

Susan Boyle, whilst clinging to traditionalist aspects of singing and performance has also achieved the difficult task of transcending emotion into every corner on the record. Just like her discography boasts, this ability to perform emotion as a quality is a skill that has planted her in the world’s songbook whilst further guaranteeing a spot inside everyone’s appreciative soul.

2 thoughts on “Album Review: Susan Boyle – A Wonderful World

  1. Sam Cook might have sung What a Wonderful Life but it was Lois Armstrong who made it popular……Love Susan

    1. Hi Patricia, yes you’re absolutely right – had a bit of a mind melt moment and confused the two entirely different songs!

      It is indeed a cover of Louis’ What A Wonderful World – originally released back in 1967! I like what Susan has done with it nearly 50 years on.

      Thanks for reading & hope you have a Happy Christmas.

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