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Album Review: Cut Copy – Haiku From Zero

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Photo: Jimmy Fontaine/Universal Music

Back in 2001, a home-recording project was started up by DJ Dan.  This eventually grew to become Cut Copy, with the addition of Tim Hoey, Ben Browning, and Mitchell Scott forming the final lineup.  They have released 4 albums, countless remixes, an EP, and numerous singles.  Their last album, Free Your Mind, was released in 2013.  Since then, the guys have been working hard on their follow up, which was finally announced this year as their 5th studio album, Haiku From Zero.

Cut Copy have translated the sounds of a rain forest into music in their first track, Standing In The Middle Of The Field, where you can “find love swaying in the wind.”  Although a little lengthy with a run time of 5:31, the tropical music and intriguing imagery in the lyrics make you feel like you’re about to begin the most exciting adventure of your life.

This sets the tone of the album; Haiku From Zero creates a love bubble filled with the fantastical and the impossible.  The bubble ripples a little in Counting Down.  The first few seconds of the song sound out of place, as if it is an early intermission.  This is quickly replaced by groovy music which builds up your anticipation with the fun, summery guitar.  This holiday track will inspire you to break out your loud shirts and swimming trunks, or bikinis and playsuits.

The feel good vibes carry over into Airborne.  The instrumentals were made for dancing, with the song conjuring up images of palm trees swaying in a haze at dusk.  The illusion is again disturbed with a melancholy piano at 3:20.  This interruption is a moment of lucidity, though the vibrant music builds back up, as if you can hear it contained and calling out to you.

Sobering you further is the cautionary tale in their final track, Tied To The Weather.  The start is like the cold morning light after waking up from a heavily intoxicated state.  Rather than have the love bubble instantly pop, the gentle music slowly melts into reality.