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Album Review: Bright Light Bright Light – Choreography

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Choreography is the third album to be released by the Welsh artist Rod Thomas, known by his stage name Bright Light Bright Light. It is strongly influenced by synthtacular 80’s pop music and incorporates elements of nu-disco, house and electro. Despite Bright Light Bright Light being an independent artist, he has done well to feature some iconic artists on his album, namely Elton John, Ana Matronic and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters fame, the actor Alan Cumming, and Mykal Kilgore, best known for his musical theatre work.

Bright Light Bright Light_ChoreographyBright Light Bright Light wanted to capture his love for movie dance sequences in this album, hence the title Choreography. The album also explores the ‘dance’ people do with each other through the ups and downs of a relationship.

The album is cohesive in its soundscape and as you listen through is seems to be well planned in terms of tempo and feel; you’re given a burst of energy and then, when you’re a little tired out (probably from all the fun you’ve had dancing around the house and singing into your hair-brush), a calmer and more lyrical track comes right in time.  Tracks that will guarantee you a good time are,  All In The Name (the perfect introductory track to the album), Symmetry Of Two Hearts and I Only Want To Please You. If you are looking for something a little more raw and emotive listen to How Does It Feel, Running Back To You and Kiss For Kiss. Although Choreography is predominantly a dance music album, Bright Light Bright Light keeps melody and lyrics at the forefront delivering which makes the music more meaningful.