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Album Review: Tin Soldiers – Telling Tales

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In a world full of skinny jeaned, big haired indie rockers April 2010 sees the release of Kent based quartet Tin Soldiers debut album Telling Tales.

A record for the grunge enthusiasts and punks at heart. Telling Tales is given the Green Day/Ash treatment with big garage band production.

TinSoldierTellingTalesThe lads (Rich Crossingham – Lead Vocals and Guitar, Matt Wade – Guitar, Chris Persiva – Drums and Matt Jennings – Bass), who have cited the Foo Fighters as their main influence, leave a lot to be desired with this album. Basically a post grunge rockfest with a lot of guitars and drums would be the best way to sum this record up.

Saying this however there are some melodically catchy tracks that are at least worth a try-out.

Words Got Out is a punchy stadium friendly number with a catchy chorus and fiestiness that would get the moshpits churning.

The opening track 24 Hours is a stand out. With a hooky chorus and alternative radio friendly production the track does do the album some justice. The track has been picked as the first single and has proven itself already to be the fan favorite.

What About Us sees the band trading thier headbanger tickets in for the soft and sentimental – but with no great success.

Closer Day by Day is a winner and is notably the better track on the album. The sound is big, a soft anthem if you will. This one sounds like a different band altogether and offers a lot more than the 10 tracks ascending to it. Just a shame to have to dig through the whole album to find the pot of gold at the very end.

The rest are a hit and miss and tend to have the ‘there for a filler’ feel to them. Not the worst record for a debut band but with a lot of this genre to pick and chose from these days its nothing to write home about either.

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