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Album Review: Mirrorkicks – Mirrorkicks

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Mirrorkicks release their self titled debut album on 19th April and for a debut its not too shabby indeed. The band have been kicking around since pre-puberty and you can tell because for a first attempt its pretty tight.

MirrorkicksBand mates Gerard de Waal (bass), Edwin Periera (guitar/vocals) along with brothers Anil (guitar/vocals) and Ingmar Kamalagharan (drums) make up the quartet from South London who follow the ‘met-at-school-so-formed-a-band’ template witnessed by so many before them. But where so many have failed Mirrorkicks have upgraded the ‘parents garage’ sound to produce a meaty piece of rock.

The catchy melodies and memorable hooks are pulling the strings to this album. Considering the band supported Razorlight you can definitely hear the inspiration.

Covering the eclectic array of issues that is life – from mental illness and religion (Turning Up) to a fame obsessed society (On TV), the band turn out an album of quality tracks. Crowd surfing, Mosh pit arena gems for the most part of it the band show they are also capable of producing the decent cloud bouncing staccato numbers like Too Slow.

Okay so there are parts in the album which could have a little more substance – Anything could have a little more ‘something’ and Lego is as exciting as the title suggests. But despite the dips the album overall is a good listen.

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