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Single Review: Thea Gilmore – ‘Teach Me To Be Bad’

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Following the release of her tenth studio album, the impeccable Murphy’s Heart, folk songstress Thea Gilmore has wisely decided to release the records highlight track and second single, Teach Me To Be Bad.

TheaGilmoreTeachMeWith a mixing of the singers smokey, bass heavy vocals and a sound-scape of folk twang and occasional horn section, Teach Me To Be Bad is a fantastic mix of genres that combines Gilmore’s outstanding songwriting talents with a catchy, big band delivery. Lyrically the song is an amazing example of Gilmore’s ability to craft truly outstanding, well written gems. This couldn’t be heard more so than the second verses, “If I were coming off the rails. Dropped my eyes and dropped my dress. Would your moral stand prevail? Or would you fold like all the rest”. Thought provoking verses that have never resonated so well within Gilmore’s previous work.

Teach Me To Be Bad could be the track to finally set Thea Gilmore into the spotlight. Having fans that include Joan Baez and Bruce Springsteen have given the Oxfordshire singer some good exposure and seen her extensive catalogue picked up by a cult fan following, however, with the more commercial feel of Murphy’s Heart gaining the critical acclaim that it has over the past couple of months, Thea Gilmore could be a name on the lips of many more throughout 2011.