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Single Review: The Struts – ‘I Just Know’

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The Struts may not be a well known band right now but that is surely set to change, at least with nostalgic fans of sixties psychedelic tracks like the bands latest giveaway single, I Just Know.

The band have already been compared to the likes of Hard-fi and Primal Scream and that has got to be a flattering comparison for these guys who, though they formed back in 2009, are still fresh on the commercial scene and really are ones to watch in the coming months.

The two key clonks in this future hit is the vocals and the guitar work that laces around the song making it a truly memorable and lasting listen. The track opens with what sounds like a guitar vs band tutorial, a guitar almost challenging a full band, playing to each other, the latter clearly the leader in this riff-off. That riff goes on to make the backbone of the track while the Derby four pieces front man, Jack Spiller, spills his Zepellin-esque vocals through the acts seemingly effortless instrumentation and the chorus’ effective chant laden declaration of I Just Know.

Usually this type of music doesn’t really do it for me. I’m a pop boy through and through but this track seems to grab you and refuses to let you go until you find yourself nodding along and agreeing with its infectious melody, catchy chord changes, the impeccable vocals that ring throughout the number and that guitar hook that plays in your head long after you have listened to the track and THAT is exactly what it takes for a band to make it these days. It may be early days for the band but The Struts have certainly got a winning formula on their hands with I Just Know and I for one can’t wait for a record from these guys.