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Single Review: TV on the Radio – ‘Mercy’

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TV on the Radio first found international fame with their widely popular alternative hit Wolf Like Me back in 2006. Since then, the band hasn’t offered fans much of the same in terms of accessibility. That is, until this week when seemingly out of nowhere, they sprung their latest single onto the world with Mercy.

Having remained relatively quiet for the past two years, TV on the Radio have unleashed their erupting angst with this blistering stand-alone single. They’ve ditched the moody keys and glitchy rhythms and replaced them with fast-paced guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums, making for a track reminiscent of Bloc Party in their glory days.

Fear not though, this isn’t a complete abandonment of what the band has built up over the years and what fans have come to know and love about TV on the Radio. The same horrifyingly brooding lyrics are found as front man Tunde Adebimpe croons, “It burns so cold!” for the chorus and throughout the track, as he begs the world to “have mercy on my life.”

The song is deliciously angst-ridden juxtaposed with confident musicianship and swagger. It’s angry and euphoric in the best way possible. The band has successfully crafted a track that will move fans away from ambient swaying into full-fledged moshing.

Although no release date for a new album has been set, if Mercy is any indication of what we can expect from TV on the Radio in the near future, powerful things are set to come forth.

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