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Single Review: Justin Timberlake – ‘Take Back The Night’

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Out with the dubstep, and in with the disco. That seems to be a common trend here in 2013, and Justin Timberlake sure is exploiting it on his latest album, The 20/20 Experience. While details regarding the second installment of the album, due to be released on September 30th, are sparse, we have been treated to the album’s lead single more than a month before the album’s release. Take Back the Night sees Timberlake croon through five and a half minutes of disco infused soul-train nostalgia.

JustinTimberlakeTakeBackThenightWhile the lyrics found on Take Back the Night are certainly not worthy of much poetic praise, the song itself is sure to be a commercial success and is perhaps the most accessible of tracks from Timberlake’s latest of offerings. Compared to tracks like Suit and Tie and Mirrors, Take Back the Night provides listeners with a solid pop song reminiscent of 70s era Michael Jackson. Love it or hate it, this track is at the very least going to get stuck in your head and make you tap your foot along to the beat. If only roller rinks were still of mass popularity, Timberlake would be the undoubted king of pop.

Unfortunately, while this track is the best Timberlake song to be released recently, much like The 20/20 Experience itself as a whole, this track comes across as disjointed and leaves the listener wanting more. In fact, the song is just a bit too reminiscent of soul legend George Benson’s Give Me The Night, and you should probably listen to that insteadThis single just isn’t quite up to par with Timberlake’s previous pop anthems, perhaps because everything Timberlake outputs from here on in will be compared to the immaculate Futuresex/Lovesounds. It’s become clear that disco is the new trend that we’ll be following into 2014 with; however, Timberlake seems to still be in search of his groove. At least Take Back the Night has set him on the right path.

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