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Single Review: Troye Sivan – ‘YOUTH’

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Troye Sivan is unbelievably close to dropping his long awaited debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. While two EPs preceded the release of the album, the latest pre-release track YOUTH stands as one of the few entirely new songs we’ve heard off of it; one of but a few glances at what else we can expect from Sivan.

Troye Sivan Blue NeighbourhoodYOUTH retains obvious similarities to Sivan’s usual style, full of buzzing synths and stuttering beats creating his trademark synthpop style. Its simple verses are dominated by a deep bassline and a slow build into a sparkling array of melodic synths, before lowering back into simple percussion for the chorus, which dominated by Sivan and a soaring backing vocal repeating the main hook of the song, before exploding into a bombastic, euphoric post-chorus. The familiar sound doesn’t detract from the song, however; it’s a perfect showcase for Sivan’s smooth vocals, and the combination of its chorus and post-chorus make for a truly impressive track.

Following the amazing quality of Sivan’s previous EPs, it’s a relief to see that the quality of the songs or their lyrics hasn’t decreased leading towards Blue Neighbourhood. If you were at all a fan of Sivan’s EPs, YOUTH will more than likely be right up your alley, and if Sivan keeps this up for the album it may end up being one of the year’s defining pop releases.