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Album Review: Adam Harvey – Harvey’s Bar… The Backyard Sessions

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With a career spanning over two decades, acclaimed country music star Adam Harvey decided to bring his personal bar to life with his latest release, Harvey’s Bar… The Backyard Sessions. As an album it feels incredible personal with the crowd sing-alongs and Harvey’s running commentary (and bad jokes) throughout adds an easy-going atmosphere.

Adam Harvey Harveys BarKicking off the bar shenanigans is the lead single Harvey’s Backyard Bar, a warm tune that welcomes you to the album, with Harvey crooning, “just come down as you are, a smile will get you in the door”.  Keeping on with the fun, party vibe is Alcoholday a mid tempo country jam celebrating a night on the booze. Following tracks, Whose Arms You think You’re in and Yeah I Like Beer continue on with a similar tune and theme before picking up pace for the country groove of Party At The Harvey’s. But after the party comes to a head the mood drops slightly to embrace the truthful, heartfelt nature of drinking amongst friends.

On the surface this seems to be an album full of throwaway drinking songs, but behind the country twang there’s some solemn lyrics that remind you why Harvey’s song writing is so celebrated. From the steady rhythm and acoustic licks as Harvey croons, “I’m drowning her goodbyes” to his wife’s favourite song, the sombre and heartfelt tune of Paper and Pen with the line, “Who needs a knife, when you can take someone’s life with paper and pen” that cuts through you.

Harvey’s Bar… The Backyard Sessions is essentially a 13-track collection of drinking songs all poured from the heart. So, take a seat, grab a drink and enjoy all the stories the backyard bar has to offer.