Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Single Review: Skunk Anansie – ‘Love Someone Else’

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Four years after the release of their last album Black Traffic, iconic Britrock group Skunk Anansie are finally set to return in the new year with their sixth studio effort Anarchytecture, for which Love Someone Else acts as the lead single. Rather than the hard rock of Black Traffic, however, this single hints at something a little different; nothing majorly new, but different enough to incite a reaction among fans.

Skunk Anansie Love Someone ElseLove Someone Else instead takes on some modern pop influences, with its simple beat and occasional electronic clattering in the opening verse working alongside the deep strum of the guitar to create a mixture of their usual sound and this new direction. The choruses and later verses lean towards the rock style that fans will remember though, not quite at its hardest but with less of a pop vibe, and Skin’s vocals are as on point, as always, and as fans would expect them to be. The elements of the song mesh well together, and in turn make for an extremely enjoyable package.

Whether it’s an indicator of the style of their upcoming album or the lone wolf in a familiar setting, Love Someone Else stands out as an incredibly catchy tune, and one that certainly does its job at hyping up Anarchytecture. It should easily hold your attention until the album is inevitably released.