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Single Review: The Ting Tings – ‘Wrong Club’

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Refusing to disappear into nothingness after their highly successful first album, followed by their less well received ‘difficult second album’, The Ting Tings return with what could be seen as one last throw of the dice with new single Wrong Club.  Taken from their as of yet untitled third record, the duo appear to be leaning towards safer ground with the worlds recent musical taste for electro-tinged disco, made popular again by Daft Punk and their track Get Lucky.

The Ting Tings - Wrong ClubWrong Club will inevitably be compared to this, but the track does feature some of its own selling points.  Lead singer Katie’s vocals sit pleasantly over the disco sound and the lyrics are typically fun and witty in a way only the Ting Tings can pull off: ‘Hey I’m in the wrong club listening to this shit’.

Said to be inspired by their travels through New York and Berlin, unfortunately the track doesn’t really feature anything that would warrant this comparison.  At 4 and a half minutes long, the song can feel a little repetitive; some tracks can get away with this because they feature a certain charm, such as Pharrell’s Happy, but Wrong Club seems to be missing that certain spark that many of their previous songs had from their first album, We Started Nothing.

It’s not easy to find your feet again after having such a successful debut, not to mention the fact it included the global mega hit That’s Not My Name.  It’s not fair to keep comparing a band to their most successful tune, but they really need to  rekindle the essence of what makes their music catchy so they can once again appeal to the masses. Let’s hope the new album has some party anthems on there so we can welcome back the band into our hearts, because when The ting Tings are good, they’re brilliant.