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Album Review: Ward Thomas – From Where We Stand

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Catherine & Lizzy Ward-Thomas are a one of a kind musical duo. The fact that they are twenty year old twin sisters is unique but being Country singers from England puts them a world apart from the typical Country artist. They were introduced to the genre by a cousin from Canada when they were sixteen and have been hooked ever since. Although Country music is relatively new to them, performing isn’t. They’ve been singing on stages since they were three, in and around their hometown of Hampshire. While at high school their music teacher nurtured their talent and introduced them to Country producers Bobby Blazer and Chis Rodriquez who invited the twins to Nashville to work on a potential music project. Since then they have been writing and recording material for the release of their debut album From Where We Stand and attracting new fans around the world.

Ward Thomas - From Where We StandThe album opens with a barnstormer in Push For The Stride. It’s a fast rock heavy number with the sisters matching the energy set by the band. They blend together comfortably singing two part harmonies in the chorus. It’s a track that flies past you just as you’re about to get into it. It would be great to see it performed live with extended choruses and solos.

Way Back When is a feel good song with a bit of funk added to it. The bridge features a nice little breakdown section with only drums and vocals. It finishes strong with a guitar solo and chorus that leaves you wanting more. With a host of high energy songs on the album The Good and The Right takes it up another level, it has some male backing vocals that are a nice breakaway from having the girls constantly singing. The dynamics of the track fluctuate effectively keeping you on the edge of your seat right till the end.

The album is well balanced with a good amount of slower songs to relax to. Footnotes (Happy Ending) is a mellow number with lyrics that reflect back on their lives while trying to figure out where they are going. It features the sisters singing in harmony with a lovely supportive role from the band. A few songs on the album are written on piano bringing a pop flavor to the project. Songs like From Where We Stand and Try are pop ballads allowing Ward Thomas to sing about topics that anybody not just Country listeners can relate to. Both numbers feature big orchestrated string and choir parts with the sisters conducting each section with their voices as they move between epic choruses to quiet verses.

Country dance floors will start to burn by the end of the high octane blues infused Town Called Ugley. They show they can sing with a bit more soul and aren’t shying away from more challenging singing material. It’s a great track to finish the album with.

For two young girls to produce something that is mature and genuine is something to be celebrated. They sound like country singers and though there isn’t a hint of a British accent in their voices the album represents who they are and their life experiences. It is well written with each song having the potential for radio play. Working along side top Country producers gives the album an edge of class and hopefully helps them put a foot in the American market and create more exposure in the UK. It’s a perfect starting point for Ward Thomas who look set to impress Country Fans worldwide.