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Single Review: The Script – ‘Superheroes’

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No Sound Without Silence is the eagerly anticipated new album from Irish Pop-rockers The Script and today we are looking at the first single from the record, Superheroes. The track was one of the first to be penned for the new album and is inspired by those ultimate highs the bands experiences when coming off stage where everything is louder and larger than life. Having sold over 20 million albums worldwide, The Script have been a huge success and have 3 multi-platinum albums to their name. It is the ability to cater to all audiences that help the band with such success, often blurring the line between genres to keep things fresh. So how does Superheroes stand up to such a well-rounded back catalogue?

The Script - SuperheroesThe idea of crafting a song that recreates that energy and sense of achievement after playing to huge audiences has certainly paid off. The tune incorporates that sense of almost touching the sky and is underpinned with crunchy guitar riffs that drive things forward. Superheroes opens up with a soft yet epic piano riff that teases you with a huge melody to come, before breaking out into a plethora of sound. Frontman Danny O’Donoghue comes into play with a calmer verse, very reminiscent of Coldplay’s hit single Paradise at times. The Chorus is as big as you’d expect, hitting those highs aforementioned. It is uplifting and as catchy as you would expect from the band. During the middle eight, we experience a breakdown of sorts that utilizes some modern vocal effects. It takes the song on a bit of an alternate direction for a moment and doesn’t sit all too well, however it isn’t long before we are treated to another chorus that takes us back to where it all began.

Superheroes is a solid tune from The Script and is a welcome sign of things to come from the new album. It’s everything you want from a Script record – catchy, full of melodies and easy to sing along to. Check it out!