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Single Review: The Band Perry – ‘Live Forever’

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American country/pop outfit The Band Perry are soon to return with a new album, definitely something to look forward to! We still have their smash hit If I Die Young on repeat since it was an international success back in 2010, lifted from their debut LP The Band Perry; another album later and we still couldn’t get enough. In the lead up to their so far unannounced third album, the group have teamed up with heavily sought out producer and hit-maker RedOne to deliver their new punchy single, Live Forever.

The Band Perry - Live Forever Live Forever is introduced by a confident drumbeat, followed by Kimberly Perry’s valiant vocal work carrying the verses; right before the chorus hits the group shout out “We’re gonna live, we’re gonna live forever”, you can just tell that this track is going to be an instant favourite when seeing the group live. They’ve delivered a single that still sounds like something they would do, but it’s just that little more edgier and before you know it you’ll be singing along; this is pop done right.

It has been a year and a half since their last single release, but the airwaves should always be welcoming towards new material by The Band Perry; especially if the track is catchy, addictive and relatable. Their deepening venture into the mainstream is proving to be nothing but a success for the group, and it’s wonderful to hear. Teaming up with RedOne has definitely done the track some favours, and if you’re up for a good time then you may want to acquire Live Forever and shout out the hook at the top of your lungs.