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Single Review: Robin Thicke – ‘Back Together’ feat. Nicki Minaj

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Robin Thicke is a man who needs no introduction; he’s been in the media almost constantly since his song Blurred Lines (2013) dominated international music charts for too many weeks. Since his time in the spotlight wasn’t always the best press he’s taken some time to himself, to reflect and work on new music after his latest album Paula was an incredible flop. It takes a serious musician to be able to dust themselves off and set out to forget that their last album ever happened but that’s just what Thicke plans to do and he’s enlisted Hip-Hop Queen Nicki Minaj to do so – wise move Thicke. The duo who worked together previously in 2009 have proved that there’s no use in fixing something that isn’t broken.

Robin Thick - Back TogetherBack Together is an incredibly surprising tune with a beat so catchy that it’ll leave you speechless. It’s an electro dream with funky keystrokes and you’re going to be humming and bopping along whether you like it or not. Regardless of if you love or hate Robin Thicke you have to admit his sultry voice get’s you hooked before you understand what you’ve got yourself into. The lyrics for this track are questionable at best, almost laughable and they’re definitely NSFW, I mean “Now fuck me back together (now fuck me back together)” / “I wanna live between your legs, hear all the freaky things you said”. The thought of children hearing this one on the radio is terrifying even if half of it will be bleeped out. And as usual Nicki Minaj’s verse is instantly recognisable and absolutely makes this track her own. It’s full of attitude with Minaj switching between a mix of rap and song that adds an extra element to the already impressive track. Both Thicke and Minajs verses and especially the chorus are so memorable that the song is going to be stuck in your head for a long while.