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Single Review: The Aston Shuffle – ‘Comfortable’ (feat. Will Heard)

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The Aston Shuffle seem to be feeling Comfortable with their status as producer stars, opting for a low key, forgettable track to forge the way for their upcoming album.

The-Aston-Shuffle-Comfortable-ft.-Will-Heard-350x350Comfortable featuring UK singer Will Heard is the first single from the Aussie duo’s forthcoming second album and it says little about the strong career they have in electronic music.

The Aston Shuffle were recently named the number one DJs in Australia’s inthemix50 poll and supported Swedish House Mafia on the Australian leg of their farewell tour. They also have regularly guest mixed for the Ministry of Sound.

Comfortable is empty and repetitive – and not in a good way. The hook only has two notes, and it plays right on your temple. Their other newie Can’t Stop Now and earlier hit Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost) featuring Tommy Trash both have those anthem vocals leading into the drop that The Aston Shuffle are good at – whereas Comfortable seems a little too comfortable in being dull. This being said, it’s not like it doesn’t have a place on the listening horizon. It’s perfect for that swanky bar with the cocktails and darkness where no one actually wants to dance.

Let’s hope the rest of the singles on the album step it up a notch.

2 thoughts on “Single Review: The Aston Shuffle – ‘Comfortable’ (feat. Will Heard)

  1. His other newie Can’t Stop Now

    …Um…THEY are a duo. How embarrassing for you but thanks for the tip on where to hear “Comfortable”. I’m off to find the nearest “swanky bar with cocktails and darkness”. Hopefully they’ll be playing it!

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