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Single Review: Sophie Ellis-Bextor – ‘Young Blood’

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Fresh from learning to dance like a pro on the U.K’s hit TV Show Strictly Come Dancing, the evergreen Sophie returns in the format that brought her fame by releasing new single Young Blood.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing Sophie in scantily clad costumes twirling round a dance floor, but it’s good to have her back singing, and trying something away from her usual single releases.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Young BloodYoung blood sees Sophie trying her hand at a ballad.  Her voice isn’t necessarily tailored to this sort of song, but like her dancing, she’s trained at a technique and pulls it off with her own style.  Her voice is very original; when you hear her sing you know instantly whose vocals they are, and that’s what helps give this ballad its charm.  The songstress is in a reflective mood here and the track carries an underlying message that love keeps you young.  If the singer herself is anything to go by then she must be head over heels with someone, she doesn’t seem to age and still looks as pretty as ever.

This all comes through in the song making it one of her better, latter day efforts. Breathing into existence with a nice arrangement of piano and gentle marching style drums, the lyrics help carry the song to a heart-warming chorus. The only thing that has grown up is Sophie’s lyrics, and to good effect, “remember when we were the diamonds in the coal, lovers know there’s no age upon your soul”.  The song ends on a high with violin and choir backing vocals, which some may find a little corny but is fitting for the style of the track.  Perhaps Sophie should dance more often, it seems to have freed her mind and put calm in her voice that’s created a great piece of music.