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Single Review: Sia – ‘Chandelier’

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Aussie-born Sia Furler has been busy since the release of her album We Are Born in 2010, by finding success in lending her songwriting and vocal talents to the megastars; penning Diamonds by Rihanna, featuring on tracks such as Titanium by David Guetta and Wild Ones by Flo Rida, and was recently credited the executive producer of Kylie Minogue’s latest album Kiss Me Once. Now Sia has taken the reigns again and is set to release a new album in the coming months, in light of the release she has granted us its leading single; Chandelier.

Sia ChandelierDon’t be blinded by some of the mainstream tracks Sia has been writing for popular artists, she has her own unique musical style that you could only refer back to her upon hearing it. Let’s talk about Chandelier. The song has so much potential, it does it all for Sia really; instrumentally the song is definitely a pop hit, not too different to what we would hear from other tracks on the radio. However, vocally the track shines and really captures the absolute rawness and the immense range Sia’s voice is capable of; it doesn’t seem as many pop singers are as daring as her, there’s no fear of holding back in Chandelier and she hits all low and high notes flawlessly. Lyrically the song captures the love, fun and inevitable shame in drinking whilst you “live like tomorrow doesn’t exist”; not an uncommon theme in popular music these days, but it’s more fun coming out of Sia’s mouth. You forget about the auto tuned pre chorus when that killer chorus kicks in.

By now Sia would know all about what makes a song tick in the big, wide world of music. She has written for some of the best, so without a doubt we can have faith in her songwriting abilities when it comes to putting more of her own music out there. Chandelier is an awesome comeback track, if we can call it that, it hasn’t felt like she’s really gone anywhere! Glad to hear that Sia keeps all the best gems for herself, this is why we can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us this year!