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Single Review: Shane Filan – ‘Everything To Me’

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Shane Filan is the first former Weslifer to head out on a quest for solo stardom since Brian McFadden back in the early noughties when he parted ways with the hugely successful pop outfit. It’s not really surprising that Shane is the first to emerge after the group’s separation last year. Shane was after all the most prominent and vocally talented member of the chart topping Irish quartet so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the musician to find his way as a solo star.

ShaneFilanEverythingToMeWith a debut album currently taking form, Shane has revealed his debut solo single in the spritely shape of Everything To Me which forms the foundation of a 4 track EP released by the crooner on August 25th.

Everything To Me sets the scene for what is to come on the singers forthcoming, highly-anticipated studio release which has been recorded in studios in London and Nashville. The track is a fresh hit for Shane which resonates with a powerful message of devotion and rings with charm. Its island scented instrumentation and mid-tempo rhythm makes the track instantly satisfying and as soon as Shane’s recognizable and distinctive vocals take the steering wheel of the song we are met with a soothing and nostalgic warmth.

The track is everything we hoped to receive from the pop prince with its toe-tapping, acoustic guitar driven backdrop and a memorable chorus that is carried by some complimenting and delightful ‘oohs’ and a brief piano tinkering nearing the end of the number that adds further charm and a laid back appeal to this fantastic debut solo effort for one of pops most talented vocalists.

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