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Single Review: Santana feat. Juanes – ‘La Flaca’

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Thanks to his skills as a guitar player, Carlos Santana has become an undisputed legend in the music world. He has been churning out album after album for more than four decades now which is a great deal of time for one man to spend immersed in the same craft. Unfortunately, in 2013, Santana’s firing power is beginning to slow.

Santana La FlacaHis latest single, La Flaca, featuring Juanes on vocals, is just about as good as any other track Santana has offered in recent years. And, of course, his guitar playing is just as impressive as it always was. Unfortunately though, the track offers nothing more than that. It’s the same formula Santana has been practicing for years, and at this point it all feels tired.

The track starts out as a sultry and seductive ballad, but quickly transforms into a powerhouse of guitar solos and wailing vocals. While this sounds fine on its own, that’s a fairly accurate description of basically every Santana song ever released. Santana is clearly playing directly to his intended audience with this new single, taken from his soon-to-be-released entirely Latino album, but the track still feels generic.

While Santana has already proven his status as a talented musician, there comes a point when even the most impressive of skills begins to foster redundancy. I’m not suggesting that Santana starts implementing elements of dubstep into his music, but if he hopes to remain relevant as a musician, he’s going to have to diversify his craft somewhat. Without doing so, La Flaca, and his overall status as a musician, feels forgettable.