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Single Review: Franz Ferdinand – ‘Bullet’

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Franz Ferdinand are probably what you could call indie rock royalty. Ok they’ve not made the same kind of impact as UK contemporaries Arctic Monkeys have in recent years and perhaps they’ll never sell out the types of venues Arcade Fire fill every night, but they do what all the best indie bands do and carry on relentlessly.

Franz Ferdinand Bullet2004’s self-titled debut was of course widely considered a post-punk masterpiece making it difficult for the band’s later efforts, whilst being perfectly good in their own right, to compare to the excitement that was felt.

After falling a bit short on 2009’s Tonight, their return this year with fourth album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action had to be delivered with a bang, in this reviewers opinion, it didn’t disappoint and a stellar example of the explosive return is latest single, Bullet.

From the get-go, drum rolls, thundering bass and brash yet chiming guitar display the Scottish foursome’s penchant for dramatic song starts (for the uninitiated, see Jacqueline & Darts Of Pleasure), before a truly hook laden riff from guitarist Nick McCarthy takes over.

Leader Alex Kapranos doesn’t mince his words as he yelps “I’ll never get your bullet out of my head now baby, Get out of my head now” detailing a “yellow jealousy” that has him unable to stop thinking about a certain someone. Once again the singer’s poetic and rhythmic vocal take is a treat to the ears and mind.

Bullet proves to be a truly infectious effort, piercing the skull to bury itself deep in your mind. Indeed the single and its album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action both cement Franz Ferdinand’s place as as one of the most vital UK bands of the past decade for catchy tunes, smart lyrics and the all important factor, knowing how to have fun. Whether they ever reach the success of their early years is unknown, but those with a smart ear will happy to see them carry on carrying on.