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Single Review: Saint Raymond – ‘Young Blood’

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There seems to be an influx of really talented young people these days.  There’s the insightfulness of Lorde, and at 17 years old seemingly way beyond her years. Or there’s Jake Bugg, releasing his debut album at 18, with a growly blues swagger that shouldn’t be seen in someone his age.  And then you also get  these ankle biters on reality shows that have voices good enough to be up there with the Beyonce’s and Shakira’s of the world.

Saint Raymond - Young BloodWell here’s another one to add to the list, Saint Raymond.  After finishing touring with Haim on their European Tour (already gaining cool points), Saint Raymond, A.K.A Callum Burrows’ new single Young Blood ticks all the boxes for a great pop track. Rifftastic and sweet, the song rolls into a chorus that could be stuck in your head for days.  With all the sparkle of youth and life, the lyrics play on this as Saint Raymond divulges “I don’t know where I’m Heading but I just need a sign, I don’t want to be left here on my own”.

And it could be this loneliness which is holding him back.  Sometimes it feels as if he’s taking bits and pieces from the far reaching grasp of music around him.  There are instances of Kooks and Bastille to his vocals, with Kings of Leon guitar picks and Haim style synths throughout the track.

This is all used to perfection however to create a really good song, but it would be nice to have something that sets Saint Raymond apart and rise above the musicians embedded around .  For 18 this is a sterling effort and people should pay attention, because Saint Raymond have a bright future ahead if they can carve out their own sound.