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Single Review: Roxette – ‘The Look 2015’

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While it’s impossible, in my opinion, to outdo an already masterpiece hit like some songs that have been crafted over the last few decades, some artists try to shape their peers recordings in a way to give the track a fresh perspective for their own fan-base while capitalising on a track that could benefit their own career. On most occasions this doesn’t work of course – there is no substitute for an original after all although covers are the ultimate form of flattery in the music world I guess. So what about artists that rework their own hits?

Roxette The LookSome acts occasionally make the ballsy move to revisit their own hits and again, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Swedish superduo Roxette have done just that with one of the bands most successful recordings, The Look, helping push the track further forward with a modern makeover and while the brand new version of the hit may not supersede the iconic and timelessness of its predecessor, the band have done a mighty job at recapturing the essence of one of pop music’s staple pennings as they pay tribute to one of their most successful singles and one of Per Gessle’s first and most recognized accomplishments.

Gone are the storming guitar riffs rock driven instrumentation that was present throughout the 88’ recorded version of the track and in their place are noughties-style electronic beats, synths overflowing at every twist and turn and some re-imagined and refreshingly raw vocals that give the number the kiss of life for a whole new generation of pop fans.

Having taken the track on the road for every tour to date, the band have had many opportunities to develop various parts of one of their signature singles and the touring version of the hit has had an effect on this new recordings, particularly during the closing minutes’ vocal ad-libs from Marie who tears the track a new one with her bolshy vocal delivery that remains virtually unweathered on the number despite near to 3 decades passing since the original was recorded.

It’s no The Look 88′, no, but the nostalgic dance through one of the biggest hits from one of music’s biggest selling pop units is a warm interlude within today’s overflow of uninspired hit hopefuls. Its fresh, its raw, it’s exciting, its uplifting and its Roxette – seriously, what more could you possibly ask for!

1 thought on “Single Review: Roxette – ‘The Look 2015’

  1. “Its fresh, its raw, it’s exciting, its uplifting and its Roxette – seriously, what more could you possibly ask for!”

    Oh, i dunno… how about their UK distros stop messing them about and take them seriously (dating back to ‘Anyone’ 16 years back)?

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