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Single Review: Robin Thicke – ‘Get Her Back’

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Robin Thicke returns with his first new single after his hit album Blurred Lines. This new track is worlds away from Thicke’s usual songs about female degredation or sexual innuendo; it’s a public plea to get his wife back. (If you don’t know the story, rumour is the pair split after THAT performance at the VMA’s with Miley Cyrus). It was debuted at the Billboard Music Awards and ever since has begun a gradual ascent up the charts. But is this because it’s a great track or simply because of Thicke’s post-Blurred Lines popstar status?

RobinThicke-GetHerBackRather than being a song, Get Her Back sounds like Thicke’s penned a love poem and then hastily added a small backing track as an after thought. How the song starts from the intro, is how the song stays. There is no denying the quiet electric guitar melody humming in the background has style, but with no climax, the song’s charm dies pretty quickly. Obviously the appeal of an r & b track is it’s laid back vibe, but Get Her Back rapidly descends into boredom. One may say the lyrics are romantic, another may argue they come off as more than a little desperate. For a song that only goes for 3:30 mins, I felt like it was neverending. The one redeeming quality of this track is that Thicke maintains his great vocals.

If this song makes it up the charts, then it’s definitely because everyone still has Blurred Lines humming away in the back of their minds. If you do take a moment to listen to this track, don’t be surprised to find yourself bored to tears.

1 thought on “Single Review: Robin Thicke – ‘Get Her Back’

  1. I disagree completely. I think this song will be very well-liked amongst true Robin Thicke fans. You don’t sound to me like someone who’s listened to Robin Thicke’s music before he became famous. His songs are, in fact, very romantic and loving towards his wife and women. If anything, “Blurred Lines” was a break away from his usual style, which tends to be acoustic soul/R &B. I love this song and listen to it on repeat, because, as you said, his vocals are beautiful and the music is simple but beautiful. It makes sense that Robin would allow the song to be about the lyrics instead of intricate beats or music styling, because the song is a plea to his wife (or at least his lamenting over losing her). I think the simple style of the music and its lovely melody, compared with his vocals, make for a great song, and I wasn’t bored to tears one bit. I hear this song a lot of the radio, and think it will do very well with people who can appreciate music and not just catchy, but raunchy pop music with no depth or soul.

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