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Single Review: Lea Michele – ‘On My Way’

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Glee sensation Lea Michele’s debut solo album Louder has been pretty successful in light of its release in late February; its first single Cannonball became a chart favourite, and was yet another success co-penned by hit maker Sia Furler. Lea is following up the debut single with On My Way, another radio friendly pop track that is sure to be another hit for the singer.

LeaMichelle-OnMyWayOn My Way begins as a down tempo kind of a ballad, only to give way to a killer of a chorus. Vocally the track is a triumph, we are aware of how beautiful and strong Lea’s voice can be when used properly; her vocals are perfect for a power pop song such as this, she has so much dynamic and control in her voice. Melodically, however, it can be a bit hard to follow sometimes because of everything going on with the production; this can be forgiven as the lyrics are relatable and the song does give you the urge to belt along with it. At times it can be quite tiring listening to Michele’s high, girly, sweetheart vocal style; On My Way showcases the woman behind the voice, a power to be reckoned with.

On My Way appears to be a stronger release than its predecessor, Cannonball. It is much catchier, and slightly more memorable, it probably would have served better as the leading single for Louder. It’s almost impossible to think of Lea Michele as an artist separate from her long-time role as Rachel Berry in Glee, however if she follows this current single and her debut album with a stronger release she may achieve unattached recognition from her character. On My Way showed us the passion Michele has when she opens that mouth of hers, she has a beautiful voice.