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Single Review: Rob Thomas – ‘Trust You’

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It’s been a long six years, but Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Rob Thomas is back with some new solo material; his third studio album The Great Unknown hasn’t been slated for a release date yet, but we can expect it to arrive in the coming months, though he has a massive tour of North America to work his way through first! Fans can rejoice nonetheless, as they have been given the album’s first taster. Trust You was released as the lead single with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on co-writing and production duties, so it should be a doozy.

Rob Thomas - Trust YouFrom the first three seconds you can tell that Trust You is going to be a big ball of fun: the bombastic pop beat drives the track well and gives it ‘oomph.’ Nothing less is to be expected from Thomas so he’s on the right track. If we didn’t mention Ryan Tedder being a co-writer/producer, you would have probably figured it out for yourselves, from the powerful atmosphere of the arrangement to the OneRepublic vibes Trust You gives off; we’ve heard Rob Thomas do a little pop here and there, but this is a whole new sound for him, and it’s so easy to dig. The song could easily become a new club favourite, just the mighty thump of the bass would be enough to get the crowd going.

Prepare to hear Rob Thomas like you’ve never heard him before, Trust You is the kind of in-your-face pop that will find its way into your brain so it can play over and over again. Sure it’s been written to be ‘radio ready’, but its power is clearly the reason why it was chosen to lead Rob’s new album, it’s like an extra shot of coffee in your cappuccino. Understanding that collaborations can bring new elements to the table has done wonders for Trust You, and I’m sure that fans can trust The Great Unknown will be a worthy third instalment when it hits shelves. Rob, we trust you.