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Album Review: Matchbox Twenty – Where The Light Goes

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Album Review: Matchbox Twenty - Where The Light Goes

On their 5th studio album since their multi-platinum debut Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox Twenty return with an impressively dynamic and soulful record Where The Light Goes. With a career that spans the decades and multiple albums still debuting high on the Billboard charts, some bands may find it hard to stay consistent and offer their fans something new, but Matchbox Twenty have delivered once more.

The opening track Friends has perhaps one of the best choruses on the album, with beautifully layered backing vocals and chanting that is sure to create a perfect singalong at live shows, not just owing to the upbeat instrumentals but also to the wholesome lyrics referencing the loving support network of our friends that we all cherish.

Rebels begins a period in the album where the dynamics dip slightly, but by no means does that cause the listener to lose attention, as this song’s slow build is paid off with a pulsating final minute, accompanied by nostalgic lyrics reminiscing on youth in a way that harkens back to 2000s style rock. One Hit Love is sure to be a fan favourite with its beautiful piano intro, as well as relatable lyrics and some of the most mournful backing vocals on the record. The energy picks back up again on the title track and is brought to its climax on the high-octane Don’t Get Me Wrong with its catchy chorus and upbeat drumming.

Something this album does incredibly well is utilise the softness of minimalist arrangements, where it can be more impactful to strip a song back to a simple vocal and piano melody. The song Hang On Every Word is a perfect example of this, with its descending arpeggios and soft guitar strumming being the only accompaniment to the soulful lyrics until the perfectly timed inclusion of the other instruments. Another highlight No Other Love which features the talented Amanda Shires, who duets incredibly well with Matchbox Twenty vocalist Rob Thomas.

Where The Light Goes is an incredibly well-crafted showcase of song writing, with energy that ebbs and flows in such a natural way to create a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and it’s not hard to see that this album will be very well received when played live on their current US Tour.