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Single Review: Real Estate – ‘Talking Backwards’

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Real Estate is back with a new single, Talking Backwards, in anticipation of their forthcoming fourth album, Atlas. The indie-rock darlings have managed to create a song that becomes more likeable with each listen. Originally I was going to write something along the lines of: “This song is musically great. It is rich and lush, yet also calming. Yet vocally it is rather dull.” However, several listens later I had fallen in love with the song and I began to enjoy the understated vocals. I can imagine comedy duo The Pajama Men doing one of their silent, physical-comedy finales to this track.

Real Estate Talking BackwardsThe lead guitar riff is great, a bit Vampire Weekendish and it is well complemented by an acoustic guitar that creates texture within the song. It is a wonderfully refreshing piece, like a sea breeze. Real Estate is great for lazy summer days. The production value on this track is also excellent. Everything is clear and crisp yet blended together to create a whole lot of gorgeousness. This is a significant and positive contrast to Real Estate’s previous work which was always a bit fuzzy. The vocals really pop on Talking Backwards, unlike on past songs such as Fake Blues where they are quite muffled.

This is also a song that anyone can relate to. I think most of us have had the experience of being unable to satisfactorily verbalise our feelings and thoughts.

The song is accompanied by a goofy video showing the band hanging out and recording the song.

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