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Single Review: Queens of The Stone Age – ‘The Vampyre of Time and Memory’

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Queens of The Stone Age are an American Rock band that was originally formed in California and the band have come back after six long years with their recent release of their single, The Vampyre of Time and Memory. In this track, they produce a chilled-out, mellow track that is very different from what you define as mainstream rock music.

Queens of the Stoneage Like ClockworkThe song starts off quite nicely with the piano introduction and Josh Hommes’ smooth vocals. With psychedelic elements infused in this track, it really gives a nice blend of alternative music that is nonetheless, far from predictable. It gives the band a reputation for producing music that is not only unique but something a little different from the ordinary. Queens of The Stone Age have been described as a “stoner rock” band. Although, Josh Hommes disagrees with this statement because their music has not been made under the influence of drugs.

It is quite clear that The Vampyre of Time and Memory is only a sampling taste of what the band has to offer to fans that rejoice the psychedelic rock elements of the music world. …Like Clockwork was released in June of this year and has been critically acclaimed around the world, showing listeners that they can definitely expect greater good from this American rock band. It has not been smooth sailing for this band especially for Josh Hommes that was hospitalised for almost a fortnight in 2010. For him to make a come back with his band in the production and release of … Like Clockwork  despite the terrible circumstances is an incredible achievement.