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Single Review: Eliza and the Bear – ‘It Gets Cold’

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Florence and her Machine, Marina and her Diamonds; both stunning, vocally talented ladies that back up their efforts with a supporting force – for Florence, her Machine is her band, whilst Marina is surrounded by her Diamonds-like fans. It makes perfect sense then, that you would expect Eliza to be bolstered by her bear, however, you may be intrigued to find that there is no bear, or indeed, no Eliza.

The lack of Eliza is more than prominent once you see the all-male quintet known as Eliza and the Bear. The band, hailing from London – most frequently the main British epicentre for musical unearthings – can be noted for making euphoric tinged folk-lite songs of the sort that can be strummed around the brazier in your back garden. With an appropriate band name that sounds like it was plucked from an old parable, Eliza and the Bear can be slotted Eliza And The Bear It Gets Coldin between Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Arcade Fire with their latest single It Gets Cold. This immediately becomes evident by the sub-genre cornerstones of riddling guitars, pounding, tribal-esque drums and a generous brass section, and all that is prior to the jubilant, sing-a-long ending.

Whilst the aforementioned observations can be interpreted either positively or negatively depending on your penchant for folk-pop, It Gets Cold truly shines on its understated chorus, before all the bombast kicks in, with the band toning down their energy to create a hushed and delicate mood. Whilst it may not be challenging the genre anytime soon, It Gets Cold marks a promising new release from Eliza and the Bear, a band that are just gearing up to roar.