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Single Review: Professor Green – ‘Not Your Man’ (Feat. Thabo)

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Professor Green’s new single Not Your Man proves the British hip hop artist is still pretty fly for a white guy.

The second single released off the Professor a.k.a Stephen Paul Manderson’s highly anticipated third studio album Growing Up In Public is a conversation between an angsty Professor and the soulful ear chocolate contribution of Thabo Mkwananzi. In fact, a large percentage of the reasons this song is a playlist essential for anyone in the middle of an emotional breakdown over someone should be awarded to the Zimbabwean front man of UK based soul quartet Thabo and the Real Deal.

Professor Green - Not Your ManFor those unfamiliar with Professor Green’s previous work, imagine him as a kind of British Eminem. However, if the rapping legend everyone not living under a rock has heard of was Coca Cola, Professor Green in comparison would only be Diet Coke – definitely worth listening to, but missing some of that addictive fervor that Eminem manages to inject into his music. For example, Not Your Man teases listeners with the potential to unleash upon them a wave of passionate, emotion-laden vibes that never eventuates, making the whole song seem somewhat anti-climactic.

The song is opened by Thabo’s raspy, mournful vocals. However, listeners are soon distracted from the singer’s soulful vocal marmalade by the intrusion of a backing track that speeds up the song too soon, making Thabo’s emotional reverie seem less genuine. Thabo is replaced by a monologue rapped by Professor Green, laced with resentment that may have been potentially enhanced if the backing track was faster.

The distinct contrast between Thabo and Green’s alternating vocals keeps the song interesting. Thabo gets the final word on the track, ending it eerily on a high pitched sustained note that gives the whole song a pleasant aftertaste which will not disappoint Professor Green fans frothing in anticipation for the rappers new album, set to be released in September.