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Single Review: Pink – ‘True Love’ (Featuring. Lily Allen)

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Please take a moment to remember the original incarnation of Pink. Done? Good! Now, please take a moment to take in Pink:2013. Compare. Bit of a difference, eh? It’s safe to say that the singer has changed a bit more than a bit since she exploded onto the airwaves way back in 2000 when she released her R’n’B tinged début album, Can’t Take Me Home. Fast forward a thirteen years to the present day and Pink is now on her sixth full length release, The Truth About Love, which has already spawned the massive singles Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and Just Give Me A Reason, however is her latest song True Love – up to standard?

True_Love_by_P!nkThe song is perhaps best described as cute – though not quite – with the singer stating ‘At the same time, I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck’; not so nice now, huh? True Love also marks the return of Brit pop star Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper, as she is now also known), who both co-wrote and featured on the song, however her contribution is insignificant, if not pointless; it takes up such little time space that it can only be classified as a publicity stunt for the singer’s impending musical return.

Despite having the hook that pop songs strive for, at no point does True Love feel like anything other than a ‘typical Pink song’ and unfortunately – despite its guest features – it proves underwhelming and ultimately, forgettable.